Three Squared is a quartet formed out of love for freedom in music-making. A predominant feature of our writing is improvisation, a concept drawn largely from the Jazz tradition, but blended with countless influences from our individual musical paths.

Three Squared began performing as a quartet in 2006. We met as students at Metropolitan State College of Denver, and studied with the fabulous trumpet player Ron Miles and extraordinary saxophonist/composer Fred Hess. Heavily influenced by Ron, Fred, and other modern instrumental artists such as John Zorn, Bill Frisell, and Don Byron, we hope to perpetuate the evolution of American music through composition and performance.

As an ensemble our central objective is to demonstrate to an audience the way jazz has influenced other styles of music. We achieve this by performing in multi-bill concerts with artists from different genres. This has also helped us appreciate how other musics influence and inspire the progression of jazz as an artform.

Let's Play Ping-Pong 2008
Object 2010

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Antwon Owens | PERCUSSION

Mr. Owens has studied and performed with some of Jazz's greatest contemporary performers who have helped him burst onto the jazz scene. These people include; Ron Miles, Fred Hess, Walter Barr, Matt Wilson, David King, Rene Marie, Paul Romaine, Dave Divine, Ron Bland, Rudy Royston, Greg Gizbert, Shane Endsley, Kneebody, Dave Phillips, Tom Rainey, Max Wagner, Gerald Endsley, Ken Walker, Daniel Cevallos, Mark Foster, Victor Mendoza, Gary Sosias, Mark Sabatella, Dan Edgar- Bolanza, Bob Hall and many more.

Mr. Owens' experience in jazz combos, big bands, funk combos and Latin bands have exposed him to a wide variety of composing and playing style that does not restrict him to one genre of music. The influence of ethnic music has inspired him to compose jazz-based compositions using scales from outside the western tradition creating a truly unique sound.

"Antwon Owens' charm radiates from behind his drum set, and he is great at making every member of the audience feel like he is playing just for them."

-Erin Merelli, Jazzreview.com
(Music That Moves)

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Jim Disner | GUITAR

Jim Disner is a guitarist and composer in Denver, Colorado. Mr. Disner has been involved with music his entire life. In his school days he had the good fortune to study jazz and guitar with Ron Miles, Jerry Hahn, Dale Bruning and Fred Hess. His guitar tone is reminiscent of Jim Hall, seasoned with modern effects and techniques that resemble Bill Frisell. His compositional style is ambient and melodic.

He has performed with such notables as Ron Miles, Fred Hess, Rene Marie, Keith Oxman, Shamie Royston, Antwon Owens, Askimbo, the Atomic Brass Project, Joshua Trinidad and Joe Bonner. Along with solo performances, he currently plays with Three Squared, Tonali, the Antwon Owens Group, Joshua Trinidad, Erica Papillon-Posey and is one of the founding members of the now defunct Underdog 5.

"Guitar is perfected by Jim Disner, a dedicated and inspiring player who wears his heart on his hand, and touches everyone else's with the audible beauty he creates."

-Erin Merelli, Jazzreview.com (Music That Moves)

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With a concrete background in Classical and traditional Jazz study, his compositions push the envelope of contemporary harmonic concepts, while simultaneously experimenting with intricately structured grooves.

In 1999 he traveled, as a member of the Jazz Ensemble, to the Essentially Ellington festival in New York City as one of ten bands out of thousands across the country that auditioned.

From 2000-2004, he helped to produce two studio albums as a member of an eight-piece jazz/funk ensemble, Chronophonic. During that time his interest became focused in odd time signatures and expanded tonality.

At the same time, he attended Metropolitan State College of Denver as a Music Performance major, emphasis: saxophone. There he studied a multi-faceted approach to music through performance and coaching in chamber groups, large ensembles and \individualized instruction.

Presently he is performing with a ska/punk group called the Dendrites and a vocal based jazz ensemble called Pawn Ticket Trio.

"That was dope Matt" -Nate

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Nathan Walter | BASS

Nathan strives to lay down the low end with a balance of fundamental grounding and complex electronic timbres. An accurate description of his writing might include words like polyrhythm, atonality, and chaotic repetition.

In addition to the happenings with Three Squared, Nathan has taken up study of Classical Guitar, Cello, and deeper experimentation using his production experience. This group serves as constantly inspiring force in his musical development.

"That was amazing playing, really, really inspiring, thank you!"

-Matt Squire

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